We love people. And we love life.


We also realize that many are struggling—from Covid lockdowns, mask mandates, and an endless stream of negative messages in our media and social media.

How It Started

Two college students at a Kansas-based college conceived, founded and launched HappyBit. Immersed in both college life and the world of social media, founders James and Will saw first-hand the effects that normal life have had on their peers, families and wider culture. Amplified by the Covid crisis and the never-ending drumbeat of negative news in our media and social media, issues related to anxiety, depression and mental health are increasing with each new passing day.


Introducing HappyBit!

HappyBit is a limited collection of Non-Fungible Token collected of randomly generated pixelated “smiley faces” that promote happiness and send a message to the world that you are either happy (or on your way to happiness) and that you care about those who are struggling.


They’re producing 1,000 unique HappyBit NFTs, and invite you to join them as they share a little bit of happiness with the world, and on behalf of those who are struggling with issues of anxiety, depression and mental health.

Our Mission

Healthy minds lead to a better life…better relationships…better communities and businesses…and ultimately to a better world.


We want to play a small part in both communicating happiness and also helping those who are struggling…with issues of anxiety, depression and mental health.

Did you know?

  • Since the year 2010, the rate of major depression in adolescents (ages 10-17) increased by 52% and in young adults (18-25) grew by 63%.1


  • 50% of chronic mental illness start before 14 years of age; 75% of chronic mental illness start by age 24.


  • Just over 10 million people over the age of 18 have more than one addiction or mental health disorder

Raising awareness & funds for those in need

As we spread a little light—through our array of digital smiles—we are also raising funds for those organizations that are helping those with issues related to anxiety, depression and mental health.


We are donating 10% of our proceeds to an array of respected organizations who are doing their part in helping those in need.

Covid has amplified these issues...

Surveys conducted by, in the first three months after Covid hit our news media in March of 2020, revealed the following:

  • 73% healthcare providers feel their family’s life is at risk because of their job during the pandemic.


  • 58% frontline healthcare providers are concerned for their own mental health.


  • 7 in 10 Americans expressed worry over their health because of COVID-19.


  • 58% believe social distancing is a reason to be concerned about their mental health.


  • 25.8% (96 million) people have experienced waiting periods of more than a week for the right mental health care.


Source: Cohen Veterans Network