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Happy bit

"An NFT with Utility & Purpose"

What makes us different?

What's up NFT friends! We are two college students ready to make a difference. Our collection is small but a meaningfully designed collection of pixelated, animated smiley faces. We hope that our NFT's radiate happiness and bring you a smile, maybe even a laugh! That's why we are donating 10% to mental health research and the rest to fund future projects with this same goal. But we are not stopping there. Fingers crossed our art sells itself, but for those looking for a return on their investment, we are offering utility and incentive to members of our community. So, we are giving free NFT's on our next project to owners and NFT's for our highest 2 Discord rankers. Owners of 3 or more Bits will have options to burn and mutate their NFT's into rarities. Owners will have exclusive access to merch, future events, and future projects as well. We hope you join us in this effort to not only raise awareness of mental health, but also invest in an NFT that will grow in value.


As the sales of HappyBits increase, so does the level of our donation to the both the HappyBit community, as well as donations to a cause near to our heart—the support of those who are struggling with anxiety, depression and mental health.


Stage 1 - Campaign

Stage 2 - Sale

  • Airdrop NFTs to our giveaway winners

  • Upload collection, rarities, variations for minting

  • 100 HappyBit discounted pre-sale access for registered discord members 

  • Release collection to public for public minting

  • Get collection featured on rarity.tools

Stage 3 - Utility& rEWARD

  • 3 of our most active Discord members will receive 1% of all our profits FOREVER!

  • Owners of 3 or more Bits will have the a limited time window of burning 3 of their Bits and converting them into a rarity

  • Top rankers on discord will receive NFT's

  • All owners will receive NFT's on our next project. 

  • All owners will have access to our exclusive charity events and merchandise.

Stage 4 - Mission & Future

  • The goal of this project is to raise money for mental health resources. So after our public sale, 10% of all our profits will be donated to mental health research and resources of our communities choosing!

  • The remainder of the profit will be used to develop new NFT projects with more direct roles in the metaverse. We will continue our mission of supporting various worldly issues and illnesses!

  • This is just the beginning. This is our original collection. As our community of owners grow and we start to make an impact, we plan to release many projects, each being larger than the last. 



Owners of 3 HappyBits or more will have limited window where they can choose to burn 3 of their Bits in order to mutate a rarity


Rarities will be brand new animations of their Bit where the owner can adopt features of their 3 Bits

Free Mint

By minting 1/1000 of this original HappyBit Collection, you become a member of an exclusive community. You also receive a key to future collections. Because we value our community and its first minters, the holders at the release of the next project will receive FREE NFT's on our next collection. This project is the first of many, so holding your HappyBit has value and will give you privileges on future projects.



Each and every owner will gain access to exclusive merchandise, future charity events, and any other events we decide to throw as our community grows. Additionally, owners will earn benefits and free NFT's on our future projects. Details will come after all sales. Your HappyBit NFT will be the ticket!


Many in the world are struggling.


From Covid lockdowns and “masks mandates”…to a never-ending newscycle that thrives on conflict and woe, millions of people are facing issues of anxiety, depression and challenges related to mental health. need more signs of happiness in our world. But goodness will prevail…when good people like you step up to the challenge.


Introducing HappyBits!


HappyBits are your signal to the world that you are personally doing well (or on the path to happiness). And that you care about those who are struggling. HappyBit NFT is a limited Non-Fungible Token collection of randomly generated pixelated smiley faces. As an owner of a just one of 1,000 HappyBits, you are a member of a unique community—dedicated to spreading a little joy and also helping those who face issues with mental health. 

 Join the cause. Help us spread a little happiness into the world.


- The HappyBit Team

  • Finalize 1000 1/1 variations & design our rare bits

  • Create all social medias 

  • Grow presence on all platforms through community rewards

  • Release news articles through popular news sources 

  • Bring celebrities & promoters onboard